Butterfly Therapy

Become the best version of yourself



Quick transformational techniques

I use different techniques to align mind, spirit and body. By playing with your mind, your life will follow.


Who is it aimed for ?


What would you gain from it?

Reiki traitement

How do I work

For people who want to be extraordinary or simply for people who want to overcome quickly their daily challenges.
My techniques are meant for people of any age, kids and pregnant woman included.
You need to be fully dedicated to your transformation. As a therapist, I will guide you and support you in your journey and you remain the main actor in it

- gain self-confidence

- improve health

- overcome stress

- unblock conflicting situation

- free yourself from addictions

- beat chronic diseases

I work with reiki techniques as well as meditation and coaching techniques

Contact me

Grand-rue 34 -1814 La Tour-de-Peilz

+41 78 974 74 27

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