Who am I

For a few years now, I have dedicated my time to experiment with Reiki energy and trick the subconscious mind. But it has not always been my life.


I graduated from a business school and I started working for multinational companies. From the outside, everything looked just right. I started suffering from serious chronic symptoms, none of which the doctors could help me with.


Something was not aligned that I couldn't identify at that time.


As I was craving for the healthy and beautiful life I wished I deserved, I moved to Switzerland and started developing tools to access my inner soul. That's how I started recovering.


I know now that I am a change activator. In my daily life, I fully play this role by helping people to transcend themselves.


If you feel ready to transmute yourself and you want to engage yourself to become your vision and best version of yourself, contact me for an appointment. I would be delighted to support you on your journey.


Contact me

Grand-rue 34 1-814 La Tour-de-Peilz

+41 78 974 74 27

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